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Domperidonenow only available as a prescription-only medicinePOMfrom 4 September.

Domperidone is a medicine used for relief of symptoms of nausea and vomitingand delayed stomach emptying.

In the presence of inhibition of the metabolism via CYP3A4 free plasma concentrations of domperidone can rise up to 3-fold.

A mother has insufficient glandularmilk makingtissuee.gdue to breast reduction surgery or breast hypoplasiaMotilium might help by super-stimulating/bombarding the existing glandular tissue to make up for any missing glandular tissueBreastfeeding got off to a poor starte.g lots of unnecessary supplementationresulting in a mother not establishing a full supplyMotilium might help by boosting prolactin surges and super-stimulating the glandular tissue.

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