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A severe metabolic problem called hyperammonemia is possible in people taking both depakote and topamax and can be monitored through blood tests.

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EPILEPSY TOPAMAX is indicated in adults and children2 years and overas monotherapy in patients with newly diagnosed epilepsyfor conversion to monotherapy in patients with epilepsyas add-on therapy in partial onset seizureswith or without secondary generalised seizuresprimary generalised tonic-clonic seizures or drop attacks associated with Lennox-Gastaut syndromeMIGRAINE TOPAMAX is indicated for the prophylaxis of migraine headache in adultsThe usefulness of TOPAMAX in the acute treatment of migraine headache has not been studied.

Signs of too much acid in your bloodirregular heartbeatsfeeling tiredloss of appetitetrouble thinkingfeeling short of breathor.

The way to take this medicineOral Store below 25 degrees Celsius Store in a Dry Place Lifetime is 2 Years.

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if the decision is made to continue patients on topamax in the face of persistent acidosis, alkali treatment should be considered.

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