Take Me Back to Ibiza Official Music Video Kim Cameron and Side FX

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About the music video:
What might seem like a typical boy-meets-girl on a Spanish island, quickly turns and twists. This music video shot by Florida Director David McMahan, flips between a today and yesterday story. A woman is in a loveless marriage, but then finds her true love, and calling, on an island get away. The real question, does she get to keep her new love?

About the Song:
Recently added to the Carpe Musicam EP, Take Me Back pulls your ears into several directions. What begins as a electro pop melody quickly turns into a major house beat. A love story about a woman who meets her night-in-shining armor on the beaches of Ibiza, Spain. Together, they share the sun, dance under the night skies, and discover the true magic of this small Spanish island. Ending the song with subtle dub undertones, once again, provides the very best in ear candy. Produced by Kevin Rockhill from New York City. For more on Kim Cameron, visit: http://www.sidefxmusic.com. You can download this song at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/take-me-back-to-ibiza/1437511639?i=1437511642

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Take Me Back to Ibiza Official Music Video Kim Cameron and Side FX lyrics

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