Static-X- Push It


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Corrosive tainted by my sin,
I’m spilling blood and I cant,
Hardly contain it,
Corrosive hallowing the hand,
Stiffened I eat away,
Eat, Eat into the surface.

Yeah, you push it! (x6)

Explosive more violent more violent,
All consuming throbbing,
Straight to the circle,
Explosive move on reaction,
I slow it down, I slow it…

Down, down, down, down, down!

Yeah, you push it! (x6)

I see it,
I need it, (x8)

My mind is corrosive I trip,
on corrosive I freak,
See through me,
My eyes are explosive,
I feed on it,
Black out,
Crucify me.

Yeah, you push it! (x12)

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