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After 40 Years: Still Sweeping Through the City-

The legendary Shirley Caesar is ‘still sweeping through the city.’ Her tireless ministry in the name of the Lord has spanned 40 years, showing no signs of slowing down. This charismatic pioneer is taking the precious gospel to the masses once again with her newest release, After 40 Years…Still Sweeping Through The City. The album is filled with traditional, spirit-filled hymnals reminiscent of a Holy-Ghost experience.

The enjoyable array of ballads including, Peter Don’t Be Afraid/Nobody But You Lord/Teach Me Master combine the message that God is all-powerful in any situation. The medley is aimed at building the faith of the listener. The first song is about the Biblical character of Peter and his fear of walking out on the water. The following musical piece is an acknowledgement there is no one but God that can pull us through the trials and hard times we go through. Pastor Caesar goes on to minister about the endless teachings of God on the last chorus, Teach Me Master. The lyrics explore the desire to delve deeper into a spiritual relationship with God.

The theme on the album is clear from the beginning. From the exultant, Jesus, I Love Calling Your Name, to the rejuvenating Praise Your Way Through, the messageis a testament of how much God has done in Pastor Caesar’s life. From the 60’s to the present day, her lyrics have been inspiring us to press forward in Christ, never losing sight of God’s ever increasing power.

The live recording on Still Sweeping Through The City, lends a signature style of worship deeply rooted in a church environment. The musical styling of each track is versatile, yet Shirley Caesar does not stray from her roots. She remains committed to spreading the gospel the traditional way through music, style and some good old-fashioned preaching.
Another uplifting, telling song that promotes peace, strength, and joy from the heavenly Father is the refreshing, Peace In The Midst Of The Storm. The message of a life changed forever, once God takes a hold, shines gallantly on this project.

Pastor Caesar’s energy and drive takes the listener through a strong, emotional experience. The emotional journey involves the lives of millions who have sought refuge through God’s word and found it. In today’s gospel world, not many artists have the ability to journey historically through song, while preaching a message of salvation.

Caesar opens the album with the powerful Sweeping Through The City. The lyrics provide us with a historical perspective and ends with a powerful message of salvation. The song transforms into a church service, with musical exuberance and a lively choir backing Pastor Caesar. Listeners will not be able to sit still with this opening piece.

Worship does not stop with the first track, but continues through with stimulating praise ballads such as the mid-tempo, He’ll Do It Again, Never, and Choose Ye This Day. This project is truly a golden treasure for those seeking a sincere spiritual experience through song.
Prayer and worship are intertwined on this album, as Shirley Caesar takes the gospel to the street once again. To learn more about this minister of song and verse, visit her website “”

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