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Danazol inhibits the production of hormones called gonadotrophins by the pituitary gland.

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1Relatively marked affinity for androgen receptorsless marked affinity for progesterone receptors and least affinity for oestrogen receptorsDanazol is a weak androgen but in addition antiandrogenicprogestogenicantiprogestogenicoestrogenic and antioestrogenic actions have been observed.

Insulin resistance may be increased in diabetes mellitus but symptomatic hypoglycaemia in non-diabetic patients has also been reported as an increase in plasma glucagon levelmild impairment of glucose tolerance.

Danazol has the theoretical potential for androgenic effects in breast-fed infants and therefore either Danazol therapy or breastfeeding should be discontinued.

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Danazol has a multitude of effects on the bodySome of these effects combine to produce high levels of androgen and low levels of oestrogen in the bodyThis hormonal environment stops menstruation and suppresses the growth of endometrial implantscausing them to degenerate1,2

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danazol also increases serum levels of glucagon.

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