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The co-administration of allopurinol with ampicillin amoxicillin has been associated with a higher incidence of drug-related rash.

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Whn oth dugs a lss ctiv: Whn ctain dugs a usd with ampicillin, thy may not wok as wll. This is bcaus th amount ths dugs in you body may b dcasd. xampls includ:

Us ampicillin and sulbactam injction until you inish th psciption, vn i you l btt. I you stop using ampicillin and sulbactam injction tosoon i you skip doss, you inction may not b compltly tatd and th bactia may bcom sistant tantibiotics.

PINCIPN Capsuls (Ampicillin Capsuls) and PINCIPN Oal Suspnsion (Ampicillin Oal Suspnsion) a indicatd in th tatmnt inctions causd by suscptibl stains th dsignatd oganism listd blow;

1. Th patint should inom th physician any histoy snsitivity tallgns, including pvious hypsnsitivity actions tpnicillins and cphalospoins (s WANINGS ).

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influenzae rd, transformants showed the same level of resistance to ampicillin and decreased binding affinity of pbp3a and pbp3b as the donors.

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