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Rumalaya gel x 30g – catena.

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Used as potent and safe phytopharmaceutical formulation for relief against joint and bone pains associated with orthopaedic ailments Use of natural ingredients with superior anti-inflammatory properties allows quick alleviation of pain.

Pilex tablets help reduce the turgidity of the veins and venous capillariesThey support reducing of inflammationPilex tablets promote normal bowel function thus helping to correct chronic constipation associated with hemorrhoidsPilex ointment helps the pile mass shrinkIt has soothing action that facilitates the smooth evacuation of faeces.

Objectives This randomizeddouble-blindedplacebo controlled study tried to evaluate the clinical efficacy and safety of Rumalaya forte to patients suffering from HOA.

Objectives This randomizeddouble-blindedplacebo controlled study tried to evaluate the clinical efficacy and safety of Rumalaya forte to patients suffering from HOA.

The products of Himalaya Pure Herbs are registered in Austria and correspond to the Central European quality standards.

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