Rob Zombie – House Of 1000 Corpses

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Artist – Rob Zombie
Title – House of 1000 Corpses
Album – The Sinister Urge
Track No. – 11

for this exact song live and showing just a bit of Rob Zombie kicking ass and being threatened if he played another not he would be sued $10,000… oh he does!

She had a corpse
Under her bed
She had her fun
But now he’s dead
Hear momma said
Come feed desire
Her brother said
Hey, throw her on the fire

This is the house
Come on in
This is the house
Built on sin
This is the house
Nobody lives
This is the house
You get what you give

I cut the flesh
And make it bleed
Fresh skin
Is what I need
I let it dry
Out in the wood
All your crying
Did no good, yeah

Now you’re lying
On the floor
Yeah, you can’t
Take anymore
The devil’s laughing
In your face
Give me another taste, yeah

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Rob Zombie – House Of 1000 Corpses lyrics

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