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List based on reports from current and former employeesIt may not be complete.

List based on reports from current and former employeesIt may not be complete.

ArjunaArjuna is a potent hypolipidemicreduction of lipid concentration in the bloodresponsible for reducing total cholesterol and triglyceride levelsthereby helping in the management of atherosclerosisfatty deposits along the artery wallsAs a cardioprotectivethe herb prevents oxidative damage to the heart and stabilizes blood pressure.

Abana is an Ayurvedic drug combination manufactured by Himalaya Herbal HealthcareThis combination includes Arjuna Terminalia ArjunaIndian BdelliumGugguland Shilajit as major ingredients besides a number of other Ayurvedic extractsAbana benefits include the treatment of cardiovascular problems as well as mild to moderate hypertension.

5 vibrant color styles Abana Joomla Template comes with 5 bold and vibrant color stylesEach color style features unique google font sets and unique color palettesYou can easily copy and create your own unique color style from these preset colors.

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