Prison Break (ft. Sarah Longfield) – Rob Scallon


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Sarah Longfield and I ended up in prison. That’s really bad news…for the prison.
Whole storyline in a playlist:

While filming this, we were accidentally locked in one of the maximum security cells and needed to literally break out of prison. Really. Here’s a video all about that:

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You can’t put a lock over me
Like some punk with bad intentions
I’ll be back in a week
I commit, and when I start I end it
Your system will breach
Worst inmate you’ll ever see
I’ll be back on the streets before you even start looking for me

I think you’re done
I’m coming for you, one on one
Overpowered on every front
It’s not the last you’ve seen
Until your last breath, you can’t contain me

You can’t lock up the beast
I’m immune to such apprehension
Every breath that I breathe
Brings me closer to your fucking ending
Your system has sunk
Planning my escape from the bottom bunk
I’m the last thing you’ll ever see
Immune to death
You think you’re better than me?


You think you can keep me in here, you bench?
You think you can keep me in here, you punk?
You think you can make a fool out of me, I will demonitization
You think you can keep me in here, well you’re wrong

You can’t put a lock over me
I’m walking free with bad intentions
Now I’m back on your streets
I commit and what I start I end it
Your system’s been breached
Worst inmate you’ve ever seen
And now I’m roaming free
And you haven’t even started looking for me


Sarah Longfield:

Guards played by
Kevin Morris Sr.
Simon Taylor

Voice of judge by
Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop

Making of: coming soon…

Looks like uke group got really out of hand… normally we just keep to ourselves about the whole vampire who feast on the blood of the innocent to remain immortal thing. But we got a bit carried away and ended up here. Not the first time though, won’t be the last.
Here’s the whole storyline in one playlist.
Sunday Uke Group Playlist:

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Mixed by Ryan “Fluff” Bruce:
Video shot & edited by Jake Jarvi:
Shot on location at the Dwight Correctional Facility in Dwight, Illinois.

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