Pitbull – Greenlight ft. Flo Rida, LunchMoney Lewis new Single

  • Pitbull – Green light junto a  Flo Rida yLunchMoney Lewis es el nuevo Single del nuevo álbum titulado “Climate Change” para este 2016. Ahora puedes ver su letra.
  • I got the green light mami and you know what that means
  • That we could do anything, anything that you dream
  • I wanna make you ooh, ah, until you scream
  • And I practice what I preach, if you know what I mean
  • I’mma about that mami, yeah I got the key and I’mma lock that mami
  • Yeah, we can roll and I’mma rock that mami
  • I do what I say and say what I mean, now let me jump in between
  • I’m getting loose in this thing, like OJ the Juice in this thing
  • Feeling like Left Eye, boy, I burn the roof in this thing
  • I got all the women getting naked, feeling like Luke in this thing
  • Think it’s a game
  • Now I got the green lit and the green right
  • All I need is, mami, for you to give me the green light
  • So I can run through it like an easy pass
  • Find the G-spot and step on the gas

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Green Light far. Flo Rida y Lunchmoney Lewis

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Pitbull – Greenlight ft. Flo Rida, LunchMoney Lewis new Single lyrics

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