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If you are dealing with a diseased tulasi, then time is of the essence, so if you cannot distinguish the proper bud, go down to the first easily distinguished intersection and nip her there.

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O Vrinda DeviI offer my respectful obeisances to your lotus feetYour face is illuminated by the splendor of the pearl decorating the tip of your noseand by the extraordinary gentle smile on the two bimba fruits which are your lipsYou are enriched by the beauty of the amazing and colorful jewels and ornaments you wear.

(4tvad-ajnaya pallava-pushpa-bhringamrigadibhir madhava-kelikunjah madhv-adibhir bhanti vibhushyamana vrinde namas te caranaravindam.

(5tvadiya-dutyena nikunja-yunor atyutkayoh keli-vilasasiddhih tvat-saubhagam kena nirucyatam tad vrinde namas te caranaravindam.

(2bimbadharoditvara-manda-hasyanasagra-mukta-dyuti-dipitasye vicitra-ratnabharana-shriyadhye vrinde namas te caranaravindam.

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sumedha took him to the shelter of a banyan tree and told him tulasi story as follows, during the churning of the ocean of milk, many valuable things have originated from the ocean, like the kalpavriksha, airawat and kamadhenu.

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