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The results of the intersept study demonstrated that, for a 2-year treatment period, the probability of a suicide attempt or a hospitalization due to imminent suicide risk is stable at approximately 24 after one year of treatment with clozaril figure 1, clinical trial data section .

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Clozaril can cause severe dizzinessslow heartbeatsfaintingor seizuresDo not take more of this medicine than recommended

It is important to begin taking this drug at a low doseincreasing your dose slowlyto lessen side effects such as dizzinessdrowsiness and seizuresFollow your doctor’s instructions exactlyYour dosage is based on your medical condition and response to therapySince clozapine can cause a decrease in white blood cellsyou will need to get blood tests done regularly as directedBe sure to keep all appointments for these laboratory testsSee also Notes section

Rare but serious reports of seizuresincluding onset of seizures in non-epileptic patientsand isolated cases of delirium where Clozaril was co-administered with valproic acid have been reportedThese effects are possibly due to a pharmacodynamic interactionthe mechanism of which has not been determined.

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