Nincy ft. Faby Love – No Te Pierdo (Official video)

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Nincy Delgadillo Ramirez, born in La Romana, Dominican Republic, is a singer and composer known as Nincy.

His musical career began at a young age, he started as a percussionist in a Latin dance group (a.o. Merengue, Bachata, Salsa) in which he grew professionally. He was developing different styles and at that time he discovered his true passion and talent; singing and rapping.

After that, he decided to explore new horizons and he joined the Latin band “Mambo Dominicano”. Especially in Italy it became a success, it charted at the first position at the most known radio stations in the country. He was booked for several shows in Rome and other places in Europe.

Thanks to this foreign success, he was also asked for an important tour in the Dominican Republic as well as notable appearances and performances on major television shows in the country. He was invited by television station ‘TeleMirco’ for example.

Returning to Europe in June 2016, Nincy promoted his new song ¨El lechero¨ during a tour in Italy. He also expanded his fanbase in Spain and Mexico.
After that, he released another single in 2017, called “Menea”. It’s composed by himself in collaboration with Latin Star Atomic Otro Way.

After a lot of preparation, 2018 has to be the year for Nincy.
Nincy has worked on several new singles with a unique and modern sound. He’s gathered a large team of professionals around him and especially in collaboration with the Italian artist and model Faby Love, he managed to come with sensational products.

Faby Love is featuring a singer on “No Te Pierdo” and she performs as model in the stunning music videos of the upcoming singles such as “Cinco Estrellas”, “Mami tíralo paʼ atrás” , „Quisiera conocerla” and more. Faby Love was also responsible for co-directing the music videos.

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