Megadeth’s “My Last Words” on bass – LRRG


Letra de cancion y video : Original Video
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Here is a tough tune off of “Peace Sells….But Who’s Buying?”….between this one and Bad Omen, I cannot think of any off of this album that are tougher. Dave Ellefson is a true master pick-playing bass player, and this bassline is one excellent example of his talent.

I’m still trying to get my chops up to speed completely, so there are little rhythm problems here and there as well as the odd mis-hit note. But then again, there are so many notes in this tune, one or two missed ones get lost in the mix.

Sorry that this one went a bit out of synch. Youtube sometimes does that to my vids, and I admit I wasn’t here to check it once it uploaded. The synch isn’t that bad, but it is noticeably off.

Those white things on my tuning machines are plastic skulls. I figured I might as well make Priscilla a little more metal for this perfomance.