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If there is evidence of cad or coronary artery vasospasm, maxalt should not be administered see contraindications 4 .

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Maxaltrizatriptanis a headache medicine that narrows the blood vessels around the brainRizatriptan also reduces substances in the body that can trigger headache painnauseasensitivity to light and soundand other migraine symptoms.

Maxalt is used to treat migraine headachesMaxalt will only treat a headache that has already begunIt will not prevent headaches or reduce the number of attacks.

Maxalt should not be used to treat a common tension headachea headache that causes loss of movement on one side of your bodyor any headache that seems to be different from your usual migraine headachesUse this medicine only if your condition has been confirmed by a doctor as migraine headaches.

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john s wort, tramadol, adhd medication –adderall, ritalin, and others, a diet pill or other stimulant , cold medicine that contains a decongestant, medicine that can raise blood pressure such as dobutamine, dopamine, norephinephrine, an antidepressant –bupropion, citalopram, fluoxetine, imipramine, milnacipran, nefazodone, paroxetine, sertraline, trazodone, venlafaxine, and others, migraine or cluster headache medications — triptans such as amerge, imitrex or maxalt, zomig and others, medication to treat parkinson s disease or restless leg syndrome , glaucoma medicine used in the eyes –apraclonidine, brimonidine.

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