Lennon Stella – “Feelings” // Official Video

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Director: Blythe Thomas
Editor: Blythe Thomas
Camera: Blythe Thomas, David O’Donohue, Dallas Wilson

“Feelings” Lyrics:

Did you forget
When I tried to
Settle you down
And talk it through
You said your worst
And I heard you

And I hurt too
You turned around
When I said “stay”
Without a sound
When I said “wait
Just hear me out”
You said nothin

And now you…
Reach out your hands
You know it’s late
I understand
You thought I’d wait

I don’t wanna talk about your feelings
I don’t wanna listen as you feel’em
Didn’t someone teach when you leave what you have
you cant take it back
Oh no It doesn’t work like that

Could set me back if I believed em
Didn’t someone teach when you leave what you have
you cant take it back
Oh no It doesn’t work like that

I guess they always come around
Tell you everything they’ve found
Tell you you’re the only one can save em
Tell you their different now
They blame it on the timing
Like the planets not aligning

I guess they feel it when it’s gone
When you’re finally moving on
When they know you’ve stopped believing
They’ll ever be what you want
Then they blame it on the timing
When they found their silver lining

Then they reach out their hands
They know it’s late
You understand
They thought you’d wait


I wish you’d known then
what you say you know now
But you didn’t


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