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I you miss twactiv pills in a ow in Wk 1 2, tak twpills p day twdays in a ow. Thn tak on pill p day th st th pack. Us back-up bith contol at last 7 days ollowing th missd pills.

Dnot us Alss i you a pgnant i you hav cntly had a baby. You should not tak Alss i you hav any th ollowing conditions: uncontolld high blood pssu, hat disas, a blood-clotting disod, ciculation poblms, diabtic poblms with you ys kidnys, unusual vaginal blding, liv disas liv canc, sv migain hadachs, i you smok and a ov 35, i you hav v had bast utin canc, jaundic causd by bith contol pills, a hat attack, a stok, a blood clot.

“It is just kind scay. I might hav not takn thos pills had I known soon,” said MacKinnon.

This list is not complt and oth dugs may intact with Alss. Tll you doctabout all mdications you us. This includs psciption, ov-th-count, vitamin, and hbal poducts. Dnot stat a nw mdication without tlling you docto.

Vomiting diaha can pvnt you bith contol pills om woking wll. I you hav vomiting diaha, you may nd tus a back-up bith contol mthod (such as condoms, spmicid). ollow th dictions in th Patint Inomation Lalt and chck with you doctphamacist mdtails.

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