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The usual dose of generic avapro is 300 milligrams once a day.

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High blood pssu can b tatd and contolld with mdicins such as AVAPO HCT. You doctmay alshav commndd that you adjust you listyl thlp tlow you high blood pssu (losing wight, avoiding smoking, ducing alcohol consumption and sticting th amount salt in th dit). You doctmay alshav ncouagd th pactic gula, mild (not stnuous) xcis such as walking, swimming, tc.

You doctmay hav pscibd AVAPO HCT anoth us. I you want minomation, ask you docto.

Non-Stoidal Anti-Inlammatoy Dugs (NSAIDs) Including Slctiv Cyclooxygnas-2 Inhibitos (COX-2 Inhibitos)

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