Ibru – War and Violence


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Here’s the new official War and Violence video by IBRU. The song is produced by Dre Swade and video directed by Icey Jayce(Christopher Campbell). I would like to know what you think. So comment, like, share and subscribe!!!

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Song Lyrics:


How much of the youths them gone astray?

How much of the youths them life dash way?

How much of the youths them? How much of the youths them?

I wanna see the youths them rise, I don’t wanna see them fall.

No more, see them caught up in the gun war.

Verse 1

War and violence on the increase. I want to see all the killing cease.

War and violence when it will stop, I wanna see all the crime rate drop.

Want to see the youths them end up on top.

Mama and papa no more tear drop.

No more knife pullout no more gunshot.

No more dark cloud the pain must stop.


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