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Prazosin belongs to a class of drugs called alpha blockersA class of drugs is a group of medications that work in a similar wayThese drugs are often used to treat similar conditions.

Loss of consciousnessthis can occur if you stand up too quickly after sitting or lying downan erection lasting more than four hours very fast heartbeat swelling of your hands and feet difficulty breathing depression allergic reactionswith symptoms that can includeskin rash hives swelling of the lipsfaceor tongue trouble breathing.

Typical initial dosage1 mgtaken either two or three times per day as instructed by your doctorDosage increasesYour doctor may slowly increase your dosage up to a maximum of 20 mg per daytaken in evenly divided dosesTypical maintenance dosageMost people will need a dosage ranging from 6 mg to 15 mg dailytaken in evenly divided doses.

Erectile dysfunction drugs can lower your blood pressureTaking any of these drugs with prazosin will lower your blood pressure even more and may drop it to a dangerously low levelYour doctor may choose to adjust your dosage or avoid this combination of drugs.

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when prazosin blocks these receptors it causes the muscle in the blood vessel to relax and the blood vessel to widen.

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