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Procedures for proper handling and disposal of potentially hazardous drugs should be considered.

Your risk of having bleeding problems is higher than the possible benefit of treatmentYour healthcare provider will decide if COUMADIN is right for youyou are pregnant unless you have a mechanical heart valveCOUMADIN may cause birth defectsmiscarriageor death of your unborn babyyou are allergic to warfarin or any of the other ingredients in COUMADINSee the end of this leaflet for a complete lis t of ingredients in COUMADIN.

Frequency not reportedFeverfatiguemalaiseastheniapaincold intolerancefeeling coldRef]

The most common adverse reactions were fatal and nonfatal hemorrhage from any tissue or organRef]

Frequency not reportedHypersensitivityallergic reactionsanaphylactic reactionsRef]

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a the main dietary concern of taking coumadin warfarin has to do with the amount of vitamin k in your diet.

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