[HAN|ROM|ENG] GOT7 (Mark (마크) ft. Jackson (잭슨)) – OMW (Color Coded Lyrics)

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GOT7 (Mark (마크) ft. Jackson (잭슨)) – OMW with Hangul, Romanization and English subs.


Title: OMW
Artist: GOT7 (Mark (마크) ft. Jackson (잭슨))
Album: Present : YOU
Relase Date: 2018.09.17

Lyrics: 마크 (GOT7), 잭슨(GOT7), BOYTOY, Wizil
Composer: 마크 (GOT7), 잭슨(GOT7), BOYTOY
Arrangement: 잭슨(GOT7), BOYTOY


Light Blue – Mark
Red – Jackson
Grey – unknown


01. Lullaby [https://youtu.be/kYXdm08HGrM]
02. Enough [https://youtu.be/cJeq_9AP-zE]
03. Save You (지켜줄게) [https://youtu.be/oc5LC_xHO6Y]
04. No One Else [https://youtu.be/V7SEzljWk9s]
05. I Am Me [https://youtu.be/wj0jkQk8C6M]
06. Sunrise [https://youtu.be/nK_bbCJIshE]
07. OMW [https://youtu.be/8majPRsoix4]
08. Made It [https://youtu.be/AoYw-t-Piu8]
09. My Youth [https://youtu.be/a32Tyu1LjuA]
10. Nobody knows (혼자) [https://youtu.be/N4WODFck5pw]
11. Party [https://youtu.be/FnWtdpwACWM]
12. Fine [https://youtu.be/bqTOiJKrtdM]
13. Lullaby (English Ver.) [https://youtu.be/gdQGw3D9O8g]
14. Lullaby (Chinese Ver.) [https://youtu.be/f4AuYHzDP1k]
15. Lullaby (Spanish Ver.) [https://youtu.be/W5rqO6YPF4I]


Hangul: klyrics.net
Romanization: klyrics.net
English Translation: habitmark (Twitter)
Color Coding: me

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All Rights Reserved.
This song does not belong to me.


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[HAN|ROM|ENG] GOT7 (Mark (마크) ft. Jackson (잭슨)) – OMW (Color Coded Lyrics) lyrics

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