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Sry I cannot really understand korean, the rap part is also quite fast to catch, therefore I do the English sub only.. I like this song so much, therefore I wanted to share with you guys since I know the meaning..

In this world,
There are many people who have less than we do.
For those who are struggling even now, we sing this song.
“Stay strong!”

Why is life so hard?
Who said that life was beautiful??
Since I was born, all that life gave me was more trials to overcome.
During those times, I looked into the mirror and asked myself,
“What did I do wrong? What did I do to deserve this only happening to me?”
It feels like it’ll never change.
Not tomorrow, or even the day after.

Don’t say that
Don’t crumble under the pressure
Whatever life gives you
Whatever you receive
Whatever this unfair world offers you
If you just accept it
Wouldn’t you be fighting it?
Would you give up?
Would you surrender to the life that fate dealt you?
Don’t bow your head to the world, don’t lose strength,
Look at us.

When you’re tired and exhausted, lean on me
I will always be by your side
So that you never feel like you’re alone in this world,
I’ll be right beside you, holding your hand.

It’s too dark, I can’t see the road
All I have on me is one match and one candle
What could I do with this one small candle?
How could the darkness leave by lighting this one candle?
I see the bright light far away in the distance
And here I am making vain efforts alone in the dark
I want to fly towards that bright light
But I can’t – my wings fail me.

But that’s not the case
So much can happen by lighting that one small candle
I believed that there was nothing else around me
But I discovered another small candle
And when I lit it, they became two
By the light of two candles, I can find more
And two becomes three, and three becomes four
And the darkness disappears

Do you remember?
We fought life without a father
That was the story of my childhood
It was true, and it was hard
But I didn’t give up there,
I didn’t lose my dream, I didn’t lose my courage
I kept trying, and here I am now
Now I want to tell you
You can do it, too.

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GOD – One Candle [Eng] lyrics

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