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1Product InformationProtonix I.VpantoprazoleWyeth-Ayerst LaboratoriesPhiladelphiaPA.

Hepatobiliary Disordershepatocellular damage leading to jaundice and hepatic failure.

In vivo studies also suggest that pantoprazole does not significantly affect the kinetics of other drugscisapridetheophyllinediazepamand its active metabolitedesmethyldiazepamphenytoinmetoprololnifedipinecarbamazepinemidazolamclarithromycindiclofenacnaproxenpiroxicam and oral contraceptiveslevonorgestrel/ethinyl estradiolIn other in vivo studiesdigoxinethanolglyburideantipyrinecaffeinemetronidazoleand amoxicillin had no clinically relevant interactions with pantoprazole.

The number of patients treated in comparative studies with Protonix I.Vis limitedhoweverthe adverse reactions seen were similar to those seen in the oral studiesThrombophlebitis was the only new adverse reaction identified with Protonix I.V.

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