Gallaxy – BokoBoko (Slowly) [Official Video]

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Letras de canciones y video : Original Video

#Gallaxy – #BokoBoko (Slowly) 2014

Official Video of Harbour City Recordz artist Gallaxy. Ghana’s fast rising HighLife and Afrobeat sensation Gallaxy has finally released their Afrobeat music video ‘BokoBoko – (Slowly) commercially after it was premiered on GhOne Tv. BokoBoko (Slowly) is a hot Afrobeat banger which has won the heart of music lovers both in Ghana and beyond.

(habba)2x .
Gallaxy, mmmh Agyis3wokidey .city!
U killing me softly with your loving

U healing my body with your touching
Am going so crazy for your something
Am feeling the anointing girl slow-wind eer

But do me bokoboko babe yeiii
Y3 me bokoboko babe yeiii

Like seriously babe want to do me something I no
dey fear
Like personally she wants to rule ma world and I no
dey scare
Babe too physically
Babe harassing me sexually
Enti tuwobu ma me s3nia Wo y3 me enoa na 3y3 me
But do me bokoboko babe yeiii
Y3 me bokoboko babe yeiii

The way you dey grind and wind on me make me
dey feel some anointing
Be like manner falling from heaven girl make I
unleash my long thing
Make you delilah me make I feel fool like Samson.
(I no dey care)
If u abandon me like play no joke something go dey
happen (I just dey fear)
My body dey pepper me (babe cool me down)
Yesi Woa taba me…(nanso mesi eny3 hwi)
Babe now now now
Come and feel my banana now
Dagadaga u dey make me dey tabadaba
Now now now
Come and feel ma banana now
Dagadaga mmmmhh!
But do me bokoboko babe yeiii
Y3 me bokoboko babe yeiii

S3ne3 a wonam bokoboko a wo k) na 3d) mi k)n na
3ma mi fr3 wo
Na s3ne3 a wo dani wo ho hw3 menim Sri kakra
kyer3 mi na 3ma mi vim no Menya wo de3 menya
aho)din fofor) enti sesei megyae mi gym no S3 wo
ti mi so na mi ti wo so y3 titi y3 ho so de3 a na ab)
Afei koto b)k)) na mi ns3i h)
Wo nim s3 3y3 a mi de3 mi ntumi k)m
Mi nni fie de3 a na mi hy3 ni h)
Y3 mi b)k) 3nti ma koma hu mi m)b)
Efia to wo bo na ade3 yi woaaa wo dia
3mpripri wo ho ti s3 wo ako wai
Fi an)pa kosi ewia
Wo di no gidigidi ad3n wo nbr3 da

if you give me blue-balls, I will take you to
Supreme Court… Shottoh blinqx!!!!

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