Dil Diyan Gallan – Atif Aslam | Extra 3D Audio | Surround Sound | Use Headphones 👾

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Letras de canciones y video : Original Video

Put Your Headphones On 🎧 and feel the Song Comin Alive
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✍(◔◡◔) Song Information ♫ :
Song: Dil Diyan Gallan
Singer: Atif Aslam
Music: Vishal and Shekhar
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil

This is Real 3D Which Uses 3 Dimensional Space
It means, In This this Song Not Only You Can Feel Sound Traveling
Left And Right But Also Behind The Head and Even Up And Down
Close Your Eyes And Feel The Music At 1:54 and at 3:25 U can Feel That Music Elevate then Travel anti clockwise around Your Head!

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✿ If You Want To Listen Your Favorite Track ♬ in 3D Audio Version Then Leave a Comment or Text Us On Social Media and Tell us Which Song u want To Listen in 3D Audio But Remember Adding 3D Effect in Some Songs is Not Possible So we will Let You Know Weather We can Add 3D Effect in Your Song or Not as Fast as We Can! (^‿◠)✌

(͠◉_◉᷅ ) What is 3D Audio and Extra 3D Audio? (?_?)

Ans = If You Hang Around on Youtube You can Easily Able to find Alot of Songs with 3D Audio and You Will Notice in Some of Them The Vocals or Whole Song are Traveling From one Ear To Another and in Some 3D songs it’s Not But it’s still Feel 3D and Gud!
So, The Audio Which Travels From On Ear To Another Are Called Holophonic Sound or Binaural audio, We Call It Here “Extra 3D Audio” and 3D Audio to Other (The One which audio stays in both ears and still feels 3D is Called Haas Effect). Our Channel have Both Types of 3D Audio Versions! ☜(ˆ▿ˆc)
And Recently Succeeded To Create Real 3D Effect in Which We Can Place The Audio Behind , Above or Below To The Listener ☜(ˆ▿ˆc)

(You can Google “What is Binaural audio or Haas Effect” Or “How it works” To Know More )

Fact ✍(◔◡◔) –
Some Peoples Feels Dizzy While Hearing Extra 3D Audio and They Prefer 3D Audio and Some Peoples Prefer Extra 3D Audio Over 3D Audio!

ツ About 3D Music India ᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ :
3D Music India is The First Channel of India (•◡•) / Who Adds 2 Types of 3D Audio Effects in Punjabi and Hindi Songs in One Channel To Make Them Feel More Alive, If You like Our Work and want to Listen More Then Do Subscribe! and Show Us Your Love Through like and Comment ❣

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