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Though i have been using propecia for many years, my hair on the top and crown area appear thinner as opposed to the thickness i had ten years ago when i first started the drug.

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Proscar contains five times the dose of finasteride used in Propecia and offers a similar range of potential side effects.

The elimination rate of finasteride decreases somewhat with ageMean terminal half-life is approximately 5-6 hours in men 18-60 years of age and 8 hours in men more than 70 years of ageThese findings are of no clinical significance and hencea reduction in dosage in the elderly is not warranted.

On April 112012the FDA made another revisionexplaining that some patients continued to experience libido disordersejaculation disorders and orgasm disorders after they stopped taking the drugThe agency also added a description of reports of male infertility and/or poor semen quality that improved or returned to normal after drug discontinuation.

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ride teva propecia is used for the treatment of male pattern hair loss.

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