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There are some precautions of penegra , remember this drug should not be taken by patients who take medicines containing nitrate.

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This biochemical process is related to the pharmacological properties of Sildenafil citrate which inhibits PDE-5 enzymeIn case of PDE-5 dysfunction there is dilation of the vessels in the penisand the blood flow is increased in the cavernous bodiesWhen the cavernous bodies are filled with bloodthey are increased in volume and lengthand as a resultquality erection appears.

When using Penegra the following side effects may appearredness of the skin on the neckfacechestfeverheadache and nasal stuffinessMen seldom experience dizzinessdigestion disorderchange of the color shadeshigh sensitivity to bright lightPainful sensations rarely appear in the penisif a prolonged erection lasts for more than 5 hoursand also allergic reactionsif there is individual intolerance to sildenafil or other active components of the medicine

Im 25 and about to get married this OctoberCan I consume penegra 25 mg for erection dysfunctionI won’t take it oftenMy partner and I will have sex once in a monthCan someone suggest me any alternate if penegra has high side affects.

1Can Penegra Tablet also treat Premature EjaculationNoPenegra Tablet only helps with erectile dysfunction and will not be helpful in cases of early ejaculation2I overdosed on the prescribed quantity of Penegra Tabletwhat should I doIf you feel that you might have used more than the prescribed quantity of Penegra Tabletplease talk to a physician immediatelyConsuming more than prescribed quantity might cause serious side-effects3Can Penegra Tablet be used along with alcoholConsumption of alcohol is not recommended when on Penegra TabletThe interaction of this medicinealcohol might increase the risk of side effects and may cause excessive drowsinesscalmnessIn any casedo not take more than three glasses a day.

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try not to take penegra in the event that you as of late had a stroke, a heart assault or on the off chance that you have extreme liver ailment or low circulatory strain .

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