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Eurax crotamiton usp is a scabicidal and antipruritic agent available as a cream or lotion for topical use only.

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USESThis medication is used to treat scabiesScabies is a skin infection caused by mites that burrow into the skinIrritation from the mites leads to severe itching and small bumps/blisters filled with fluid/pusCrotamiton works by killing the mites that cause scabiesIt also helps relieve itching related to scabies and other skin conditionsCrotamiton belongs to two classes of drugsscabicides and antipruritics.

Should not be applied in the presence of exudative woundsacute eczemabroken skinor very inflamed skinIn the presence of eczematous scabieseczema should be treated before the scabies.

This medication is for use on the skin onlyDo not take this medication by mouthAvoid applying crotamiton on the faceeyesmouthvaginaand any skin that is inflamedrawor oozing fluid.

Avoid eyesmouthacutely inflamedrawor weeping skinDiscontinue if severe irritation or sensitization occurPregnancyCat.C

Parasite infestations are highly contagiousUsing Eurax will not prevent you from passing scabies to other peopleAvoid sexual or intimate contact until the infestation has cleared upAlso avoid sharing hair combshair accessorieshatsclothingbed linensand other articles of personal use.

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you should not use eurax if you have ever had an allergic reaction to crotamiton.

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