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HelloI am having pain radiating from right lower back till right knee including some pain and discomfort in right groinbrook an CT KUB which shows no renal stones but grade 1 antereolisthesis of L5 over S1doc has prescribed me voveran75 mg for 5 days twice a dayI have taken one dose already even after 5 hrs of taking tablet pain hasn’t reduced at allCan someone tell me how long does it take to heal and is there a way to heal faster.

StrainMajority of the cases related to back pain occur due to strain in many parts of the bodyThese includeStrained ligaments Strained muscles Improper lifting Lifting something too heavy in an incorrect posture A muscle spasm Abrupt or awkward movement Structural problemsProblems such as bulging discsa disorder of the rubbery disk within the bones of the spinearthritisabnormal curvature of spinea condition in which the spine curves downwardosteoporosisbones becoming brittle and weakand ruptured discsalmost similar to bulging discsCauda equina syndromea condition in which the spine nerve roots get compressedInfection in spine Cancer in spine Sleep disorders Awkward postures.

Drug controller general of IndiaDCGIcancels licence for diclofenac sold by Novartis after concerns raised by a health ministry panel.

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