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Before you take sitagliptin, tell your doctor if you are also taking digoxin lanoxicaps, lanoxin .

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Table 5Recommended Maintenance Dosein micrograms given twice dailyof LANOXIN in Pediatric Patients a Based upon Lean Body Weight and Renal Function a,b.

Tell your doctor right away if any of these unlikely but serious side effects occurweaknessmental/mood changesvision changessuch as blurred or yellow/green visionenlarged/tender breasts in men.

The clearance of digoxin can be primarily correlated with the renal function as indicated by creatinine clearanceTables 2 and 4 provides the usual daily maintenance dose requirements for digoxin based on creatinine clearanceper 70 kg or per 1.73 msee DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION

If you miss a dosetake it as soon as you remember if it is within 12 hours of your scheduled doseIf it is more than 12 hours after your scheduled doseskip the missed dose and resume your usual dosing scheduleDo not double the dose to catch upIf you miss more than 2 doses in a rowcall your doctor to get a new dosing schedule.

Digoxin has also been associated with visual disturbanceblurred or yellow visionabdominal painand breast enlargementPatients with low blood potassium levels can develop digoxin toxicity even when digoxin levels are not considered elevatedSimilarlyhigh calcium and low magnesium blood levels can increase digoxin toxicity and produce serious disturbances in heart rhythm.

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