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The new indication lowered the age for which astelin is indicated from twelve years and above, to five years and above for seasonal allergic rhinitis.

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Information about Astelin.

Common uss includ hadachs, piod pains, colds and lu, spains and stains, and long-tm conditions, such as athitis.

Som mdicin lalts advis taking aspiin with wat, whil oths may commnd taking it bat ood.

But thn th’s a lag goup popl that all intth middl catgoy — th “pobably-should-tak” goup. ths popl, individuals with a stong amily histoy colon canc, xampl, dmntia, balancing aspiin’s potntial bnits against its wll-documntd isks can b a vy complicatd quation. “Th bnits aspiin pvnting colon canc, dmntia, and hat attacks nd tb caully wighd by a mdical possional against th potntial sious complications,” says D. ndick.

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if you miss a dose of astelin follow your doctor s dosing instructions.

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