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(4) Som popl a ssnsitiv talcohol whil on Antabus that thy must avoid ktchup, hot saucs, som typs vinga, mouthwashs, pum, hand sanitizs.

“I hav tid this mdication without succss. Whn my cavings bcam todiicult I would stop taking th mdication and plan my dinking 4 t5 days lat which somtims wasn’t nough tim tgt th mdicins out my systm and bcam vy ill.

Avoid coming intcontact with non-consumabl poducts that may contain alcohol: paint thinns, solvnts, stains, lacqus and oths.

It taks on dink tpoduc a action. It taks on bottl b, on glass win, on shot liqutbcom sick.

Patints taking disuliam tablts should not b xposd tthyln dibomid its vapos. This pcaution is basd on pliminay sults animal sach cuntly in pogss that suggst a toxic intaction btwn inhald thyln dibomid and ingstd disuliam sulting in a high incidnc tumos and motality in ats. A colation btwn this inding and humans, howv, has not bn dmonstatd.

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antabuse may cause a reaction with alcohol up to 14 days after ingestion.

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