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Dual blockad th AS with angiotnsin cptblocks, AC inhibitos, aliskin is associatd with incasd isks hypotnsion, hypkalmia, and changs in nal unction (including acut nal ailu) compad tmonothapy. Most patints civing th combination twAS inhibitos dnot obtain any additional bnit compad tmonothapy. In gnal, avoid combind us AS inhibitos. Closly monitblood pssu, nal unction and lctolyts in patints on Avapand oth agnts that act th AS.

You should always tak you daily dos AVAPO HCT at about th sam tim ach day. Taking you AVAPO HCT tablts at th sam tim ach day will hav th bst ct.

Blisting, custing, iitation, itching, ddning th skin bloatd ull ling blud loss vision buning, cawling, itching, numbnss, pickling, “pins and ndls”, tingling lings chang in haing cackd, dy, scaly skin dcasd intst in sxual intcous dpssion diiculty having a bowl movmnt (stool) distubd colpcption doubl vision a dainag aach pain in th a xcss ai gas in th stomach intstins halos aound lights hivs wlts inability thav kp an ction lag, lat, blu puplish patchs in th skin loss in sxual ability, dsi, div, pomanc night blindnss ovbight appaanc lights pain, swlling, dnss in th joints passing gas slpinss unusual dowsinss tunnl vision.

Hypkalmia: In th Ibsatan Diabtic Nphopathy Tial (IDNT) (potinuia ?900 mg/day, and sum catinin anging om 1.0–3.0 mg/dL), th pcnt patints with potassium >6 mq/L was 18.6% in th Avapgoup vsus 6.0% in th placbgoup. Discontinuations du thypkalmia in th Avapgoup w 2.1% vsus 0.4% in th placbgoup.

High Blood Pssu “I hav bn on Avap5 months now at 300mg a day. I hav had nsid cts. But my blood pssu has now statd tis. Th last twtims it was at 177 ov 128 and thn 170 ov 120. I now gt vy light hadd whn I stand up du tth high blood pssu. I don’t think it is good m. Ovall it wokd a whil, but is nlon woking m.”

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