Attila – About That Life (Official Music Video)

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I’m a bad motherf**ker not a f**king role model
f**k church, hit a bong, then go smash a f**king bottle
Got a few sluts to help me roll a few blunts
And they never question mecause they know I hate cunts
Eat my words and swallow my sentences
Here we go you f**king *sshole
Living off the dirt on my shoes does it keep you alive

I’m about that life

Hold me accountable
You’re itching for the money that I use to wipe my *ss
Here’s some s**tty Benjamin’s
Too bad they’ll never help you buy some f**king cl*ss

Trapped in a world where money controls you
Hustle hard or be a piece of s**t
Watching the tears rolling down your face
I’m throwing away diamonds

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Attila – About That Life (Official Music Video) lyrics

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