Architects – “Dying To Heal” (Full Album Stream)

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“Dying To Heal” by Architects from the album ‘Holy Hell,’ available now
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I found my way to the garden
But I couldn’t see
The cliff edge in front of me
No cloud can catch me now

It brings me closer to God
But keeps the dirt in the wound
And now the beast has teeth

I’ve got my hand on my heart
I thought that I knew the way
But I’ve been torn apart

Now I know
There’s a holy grail
But it’s beyond the pale
Why must we always fly so close to the sun?
The silhouettes have fallen one by one
‘Cause we forget that the sun sets
And we’re not long for this world
No cloud can catch me now

The devil’s recruits
Whisper in my ear
‘Go tighten that noose’
But it’s clear
I’ve gotta follow the thread
Instead I’ll dream of the end
And I will raise the dead

We’re all refusing to feel
And yet we’re dying to heal
But there is only now
And there’s no easy way out

I see no silver linings
When the days are so dark
So hold a flame to these words
Enough pressure will create a diamond

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Architects – “Dying To Heal” (Full Album Stream) lyrics

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