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It may tak a w wks long byou l th ull bnit amitiptylin. Continu ttak amitiptylin vn i you l wll. Dnot stop taking amitiptylin without talking tyou docto. I you suddnly stop taking amitiptylin, you may xpinc withdawal symptoms such as nausa, hadach, and lack ngy. You doctwill pobably dcas you dos gadually.

I lov it I am on 50MG A and not bing abl tslp at night and was bing man and nasty tmy amily it has hlpd,

Amitiptylin may caus oth sid cts. Call you docti you hav any unusual poblms whil taking this mdication.

Th is a small chanc poblms i you a alstaking an SSI mdication (anxity and dpssion) bcaus both amitiptyliin and SSI’s act a chmical calld sotonin. Howv, th isk is small and many popl us both ths mdications without any poblms. mmb ttll you docti you us tamadol pain.

Oth Cytochom P450 inhibitos : Cimtidin, mthylphnidat and calcium-channl blocks (.g. diltiazm and vapamil) may incas plasma lvls ticyclic antidpssants and accompanying toxicity. Antiungals such as luconazol (CYP2C9 inhibito) and tbinain (CYP2D6 inhibito) hav bn obsvd tincas sum lvls amitiptylin and notiptylin.

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