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The single “El Mismo Sol” by young Spanish vocalist Alvaro Soler was one of the biggest summer hits of 2015. Now Soler is about to follow this impressive success story with his new single “Sofia”, set to support the rerelease of his Eterno Agosto album, which is due out in July and includes newly recorded and previously unreleased material. The song was written and produced in Los Angeles, where Alvaro Soler and his team of producers were working with RedOne (Lady Gaga, Nicole Scherzinger, Jason Derulo Jennifer Lopez, etc.).

You can’t help feeling that the whole world will be singing about “Sofia” this summer. The music video, shot in Cuba, is likely to contribute further to the record’s success. Looks like all doors are open for “Sofia”. One thing is clear: this summer once again, it will be impossible to avoid enjoying this young Spanish vocalist and his music.

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