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In addition, people taking advair are at risk for weakened bones.

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Luticason can act gowth in childn. Talk with you docti you think you child is not gowing at a nomal at whil using this mdication.

Shak th inhal 5 sconds. Bath out until you lungs a mpty. Put th mouthpic in you mouth and clos you lips aound it. Bgin tbath in dply and slowly though you mouth. Push th canist down tlas a “pu” as you bath in. At th spay coms out, lit you ing th canist. At you hav inhald ully, tak th inhal out you mouth. Kp you mouth closd and hold you bath 10 sconds bxhaling slowly. Wait 30 sconds. Shak th inhal again and pat on mtim. ins you mouth with wat and spit out th wat. This stp will hlp tpvnt thush, a ungal inction th mouth.

Patints with asthma agd 4 t11 yas wha not contolld on an inhald coticostoid, th dosag is 1 inhalation ADVAI DISKUS 100/50 twic daily, appoximatly 12 hous apat.

In popl with COPD, Advai is long-tm tatmnt. In popl with asthma, this mdicin is shot-tm tatmnt until symptoms a wll contolld with with oth mdicins.

This is not a list all dugs halth poblms that intact with this mdicin (Advai Diskus).

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he said the fda hoped to work with glaxo to perhaps better define the population of patients for advair.

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