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Oal dosag om (dlayd-las tablts): Ttat duodnal ulcs: Adults—20 milligams (mg) onc a day at th moning mal. Childn—Us and dos must b dtmind by you docto. Ttat duodnal ulcs with H. pyloi inction: Adults—20 milligams (mg) takn with a mal 2 tims a day 7 days. Th dos is usually takn togth with claithomycin and amoxicillin. Childn—Us and dos must b dtmind by you docto. Ttat gastosophagal lux disas (): Adults—20 milligams (mg) onc a day. Childn 12 yas ag and old—20 mg onc a day. Childn young than 12 yas—Us is not commndd. Tpvnt gastosophagal lux disas (): Adults—20 milligams (mg) onc a day. Childn—Us and dos must b dtmind by you docto. Ttat Zolling-llison syndom: Adults—At ist, 60 milligams (mg) onc a day. You doctmay adjust you dos i ndd. Childn—Us and dos must b dtmind by you docto. oal dosag om (dlayd-las capsuls): Ttat gastosophagal lux disas (): Childn 1 t11 yas and wighing 15 kilogams (kg) mo—10 milligams (mg) onc a day. Childn 1 t11 yas and wighing lss than 15 kg—5 mg onc a day. You doctmay adjust you dos as ndd. Childn young than 1 ya—Us is not commndd.

This mdication may aly caus a sv intstinal condition (Clostidium diicil-associatd diaha) du ta typ bactia. Dnot us anti-diaha opioid mdications i you hav any th ollowing symptoms bcaus ths poducts may mak thm wos. Tll you doctight away i you dvlop: psistnt diaha, abdominal stomach pain/camping, v, blood/mucus in you stool.

Tabl 1 shows th commndd dosag ACIPHX dlayd-las tablts in adults and adolscnt patints 12 yas ag and old. Th us ACIPHX dlayd-las tablts is not commndd us in pdiatic patints 1 ya tlss than 12 yas ag bcaus th lowst availabl tablt stngth (20 mg) xcds th commndd dos ths patints. Us anoth abpazol omulation pdiatic patints 1 ya tlss than 12 yas ag.

Call you doctmdical advic about sid cts. You may pot sid cts tDA at 1-800-DA-1088 at

I you a using th capsuls, tak th dos 30 minuts ba mal as dictd by you docto, usually onc daily. Dnot swallow th capsul whol. Opn th capsul and spinkl th contnts onta small amount sot ood (such as applsauc yogut) liquid. Th ood liquid that you us should b at blow oom tmpatu. Swallow th nti mixtu within 15 minuts ppaing it. Dnot chw cush th ppad mixtu.

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patients should be cautioned that aciphex delayed-release tablets should be swallowed whole.

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