A War Within – “Atlantic” (Official Video)


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Actor: Andrew Petruc
Directed by: Evan Kelly, Alex Brisbey, and Nikhil Rao
Edited by: Evan Kelly

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We’re not the same

I don’t live like you
I’ll make my own way
What are you in this for?
Well, fuck that and fuck you
Are you willing to die?
Because I am now
Are you living a life that you’re proud of?
I stand by every choice that I’ve made
You are pollution (A stain on this legacy)
You are pollution
You disrespect the air we breathe

Hate me when it’s all you have
Speak of love like you haven’t hurt before
I swear I’m not the man you proclaim I am
Like I’m no better than you

We’re not the same
You don’t define what it means to be a man

Would you martyr yourself for an empty room?
Does vision transcend?
Or give up the cause, lay down arms, and wait for your life to end?
You raise the flag of truth
But don’t give it the respect it deserves

By my birth, I’ve earned the right
To my blood, to choose my flight
I won’t deny that I haven’t earned this dream yet
But I have not earned your hate

I’ve been thinking about you
And how much we decide to
Keep on suffering through
I’ve been dreaming about this
Silencing the sounds with
Love, love, love, love

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