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VAV 3rd Mini Album [SPOTLIGHT] has been released.

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VAV 3rd Mini Album’s main title [Spotlight (光)] is an Urban R&B genre dance pop with Minor-code progression. On top of its seamless instrumental beats, groovy Synthesizer and Baselines stand out to create inspiring sounds. Monotone-based Modern Chic style was completed with not only music, but also the lyrics that narrates “I reach out my arms to my only spotlight, you”, successfully demonstrating the [Spotlight] that VAV finally found from the blurred vision at dusk.

Double-title song [Gorgeous] shows the completely opposite side of VAV with Funky Disco based dance pop that was inspired by Michael Jackson & Prince from the 80s. Unlike the monotone [Spotlight], [Gorgeous] presents kaleidoscopic vision with manifold natural colors. VAV completed this impressive confession with their powerful vocals and extraordinary dance moves.

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