scarlxrd – DEATHPUNCH [Prod. KHAED]


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Your girl can suck me not fuck, ey
fuck her like I’m in a rush, ya
most of you niggas you suck, hey
i turn my voice to the books, ya
i hit a lick and then duck, yh
my money flip like a tuck, ey
them niggas out for your blood, yh
pull up your pants and then run, yh
Bitch its an onslaught, why your running for?
rearrange a niggas face like its contour.
yeah a niggas all about his business and he’s on a roll
all my niggas told me not to do it i said fuck it tho
they all wanna hate up on the kid making dough, yh
play my sound so loud it puts some niggas on their toes, yh
im still out here grinding like a skater on a pole, yh
you say thats your girlfriend but to me she’s just a hoe, yh
back on my ignorant shit, yh
back with my gin in my drink, yh
she see the tats on my skin yh
i told her pull up and lick her, hey
dont dive a fuck what you think, yh
i got a life full of sin, yh
im bout to get me a shrink, yh
sometimes i dont even think, yh
watch the money do a backflip,
wit the squad were never lacking,
doing shit i cant imagine
looking at a transaction
i dont do the interacting
all this spitting is my passion
i dont beef that’s distracting
im just tryna get a mansion
I’ve been feeling good lately
y’all niggas dont faze me
im just tryna get paid g
to the money i be racing
please god come save me
I’ve been going real crazy
i still sleep good a night
knowing my ex bitch hates me
i think im going insane, ey
i hang myself with a chin, ey
loneliness runs through my veins, yh
pussy boy drown in a wave, ey
human touch im flame
i got shit in my brain
all it does is bring pain
ill try suicide again
im bout to make it the ghost, ey
burn all you niggas like toast, ey
i put that gass to my throat, ey
next time its gonna be rope , ey
ill rather die than be broke, ey
thats why im doing the most, ey
i swear this shit inst a joke, ey
niggas be faking they woke, hey
fuck it i dont even care, yh
keep this shit locked like my hair, yh
none of my niggas are scared, yh
they be so savage like bears, ey
these are the feelings I’ve felt, hey
i might just go kill myself, hey
no point in running from death, hey
fuck life i dont need my health..

after you,
running from you
running from you
hated by you.

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