[MV] Golden Child (골든차일드) _ It’s U (너라고)


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[MV] Golden Child (골든차일드) _ It’s U (너라고)

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[ Golden Child(골든차일드) ]

A miracle created by a pure faith of 10 boys who look like the heroes of youth films!
Golden Child makes a start in 2018 with its second mini album ‘Miracle (奇跡)’ on January 29 at 6 pm.

The title track ‘It’s U’ is a Swedish boy pop composed of the playful rhythms and sectional synthesizer sounds in harmony. It will lift the playful and lively image of Golden Child with the lyrics about confessing love in a squarely and confident manner.

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[MV] Golden Child (골든차일드) _ It’s U (너라고) lyrics [MV] Golden Child (골든차일드) _ It’s U (너라고) testo [MV] Golden Child (골든차일드) _ It’s U (너라고)songtexte [MV] Golden Child (골든차일드) _ It’s U (너라고) paroles [MV] Golden Child (골든차일드) _ It’s U (너라고) Текст Песни [MV] Golden Child (골든차일드) _ It’s U (너라고) musicas
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