DYING FETUS – “Fixated On Devastation” (Official Music Video)

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DYING FETUS – “Fixated on Devastation” (Music Video)
Due out June 23, 2017 on CD/2xLP/Digital via Relapse Records
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Filmed by Mitch Massie at the Voltage Lounge

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Can’t wait for the catastrophe
To envelope all that everyone can see
Praying then predicting of what will come
Refusing to wait the course of our own sun
Imminent extinction is what feels so right
Pestilence spreading across everything in sight

Prophecy told, points to end of days
Society can choose to close in their own way

A tragedy that has been foreseen
The cataclysm that proves you right
Fixated on devastation

Impending Armageddon
Precognition of the first kind
Shining wisdom unlike the Norse
Where Ragnarok was wrong you’re right
Judgment day the second coming
Revelation foretold apocalypse
Still waiting for several centuries
To experience the Ascension
Massive upheaval emergence
Nostradamus quatrains evident
Passed the date of thermonuclear war
Y2K on the horizon
Mayan beliefs inspire the doomsayers
Past the millennium screams Illuminati
Comets, asteroids always contingency
The visions of disaster, inexhaustible

Global warming melting poles
Playing god creating black holes
Accepted theories disappoint
The Big Crunch, Rip, and Freeze
Wanting a more sensational end
To bring humans to their knees

Approaching obliteration
Anticipation of mountains melting
Suffering through calamity
Wanted insight into a plague
Looming adversity
Always present until termination

At the pinnacle of human kind
Reached the edge of space to find
Nothing to explain or answers to why
How we got here and how we will die
Deep-seeded lore’s need to explain
The end that awaits infinite rain
Will you be the one to envision
The end of science and God’s kingdom

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