BTS (Bangtan Boys) – Coffee Color Coded Lyrics [ENG/ROM/HAN]


Letra de cancion y video : Original Video
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BTS Coffee Color Coded Lyics:
Jin: Dark Pink
Suga: Yellow
Rap Monster: Red
J-Hope: Green
V: Lavender
Jimin: Orange
Jungkook: Blue

Music: ibighit Entertainment
Hangul: Naver
Romanization: Superkpoplover143
English Translation: Pop!Gasa
Pictures: Google

Hey guys! ^^
I saw someone requesting me to do a vid of bts’ coffee ^^
I immediately did it since it was just only the audio and it took me 3-4 hours to do it 🙂 (with the picture search and stuff)
Hope that you guys liked it! ^^
I’m also sorry with the blurry photos because couldn’t find an HD one that has their teaser photos in it.
Also I’m sorry if some parts were wrong cause I keep on getting confused with Jungkook,V,Jimin and Jin’s voices xD
I hope that you guys liked how I did the video though cause it was funny editing the photos and then putting it together xD
Oh, and you guys can always request if you want me to make a color coded lyrics of some songs ^^
I’m quite busy with school that’s why I haven’t done the MV request yet (I’m really really sorry)
Hopefully I’l upload it next week 🙂
Love you guys!

Kamsahamnida! ^^